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Life Leadership: It’s History with Quixtar and MonaVie, Part 2

Part 2 – The Villains

A heroic story would not be a great one without equally great villains. Throughout history, villains have ranged from bad people, to bad companies, to bad ideas. It also has been said that bad people and bad ideas grow stronger when “good” men stand idle and do nothing. I can tell you now that the leaders of Life Leadership are not the type to stand idle and do nothing!

In the history of Life Leadership, there have been many villains, big and small.   Some have been obvious to point out based on their blatant legal and slander attacks. Some villains were teammates turned traitor from within the camp. And some remain hidden, as a puppet-master, working in the shadows (and may still be lurking – planning to lay their next round of snares).

It would be easy to comb through history and vilify a list of individuals, but I will not be doing this today. Besides, they know who they are… I believe every villain in the history of Life Leadership was motivated by one (or a combination) of the following:

  1. Pride / Vanity – Defined as excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God.
  2. Envy – Defined as the desire for other’s traits, status, abilities or situation.
  3. Anger / Wrath – Defined as an emotion that manifests in a person who spurns love and opts instead for fury.
  4. Greed – Defined as the desire for material wealth or gain while ignoring the spiritual realm.


This is a general list. Orrin alluded to some of these in the last article (link here). Keep in mind that in many cases, peace has been made here and this list does imply that any Life leader holds a grudge or harbors any ill-will towards any of these past villains.

  1. “Old guard” Amway/Quixtar Corporate officers that chose profits over people.
  2. “Old guard” Amway/Quixtar board members that felt threatened by Orrin’s growth from 1999-2007.
  3. PR groups hired to slander and twist facts.
  4. Old teammates turned traitor from within the camp by cutting a deal with Quixtar and running scared from the battle, then speaking out against Orrin and company.
  5. Old teammates turned traitor from within the camp by becoming bitter victims who blamed Orrin and company for their war-time struggles, then cowardly writing about him and other leaders on various blogs.


There are two types of villains that exist today:

The first are easy to spot, they are ex-members of Life Leadership that did not understand or agree with the steps that were taken by the current leaders of Life Leadership from 2007-2010. They occasionally write on blogs in an attempt to justify their victim status or to make themselves feel better for being quitters. There is also a crazy lawsuit pending that illustrates how far some people will go to justify their bad behavior (see my previous posts here).

The second type of villain likes to remain somewhat anonymous. To unmask these villains, we must engage in some exploratory questions/answers:

  1. Are there any competing enterprises that see the products or profitability of Life Leadership as a business threat? Answer: No, they actually enhance all other businesses with their Corporate LLR subscriptions!
  2. Are there any prideful or envious people that stood to gain from forcing Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady out of their distributorships back in 2007? Answer: Yes. These PR camps point to this conclusion. In my opinion, there is a large group of people that were “called out” when Orrin and Chris behaved like true leaders. When you have character and take a stand against wrong-doing, you automatically become a polarizing force. In 2007, it became “gut-check” time. Do you stand on principles and fight injustice? Or do you pull a Nevill Chamberlin and cowardly make concessions for “peace at any cost”? I know it sounds melodramatic, but it is the truth. Again, 99% of the negative press you can read online is a direct result of Orrin and Chris being genuine leaders and exposing the posers. Period!

Regardless of these villains, Life Leadership has and will continue to grow because of the character of its leaders and their willingness to attack the status quo and the courage to confront issues head on. Go ahead and attend the next meeting and see for yourself. These guys are the kind of leaders you would be proud to be associated with!