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Life Leadership: Pyramid Scheme?

Back in 1954, Abraham Maslow wrote a book titled, “Motivation and Personality”.  In this book, he defined what is referred to as a ‘hierarchy of human needs“.  Included are innate, universal needs for things like air, water and food; further up the pyramid, the needs change to shelter, health and safety.  This hierarchy diagram goes all the way to self-transcendence.  In my opinion, this hierarchy requires an amendment to include another universal human need:  This is universal need to always ask the question:  “Is this a pyramid scheme?”  whenever a person is exposed to a home based business idea, like Life Leadership.  I know, this seems crazy!  But based on how often it happens, it clearly belongs as a bullet point in Maslow’s explanation of human beings…

Pyramid Schemes clearly explained:

Thankfully, a new video has surfaced to put this topic to bed, once and for all! Assuming that you are new to the industry or you are doing research on Life Leadership, I have consolidated the four best links to give you the facts about pyramid businesses and why Life Leadership is not only a solid business model, but it is positioned to be the most profitable model in the industry for years to come: Check out these links:

1. “Life Leadership: Business Scam?” video

Link here–>

This is hands down the best explanation on what a pyramid scheme is. Very professional, factual and thorough! It also gives you a fantastic comparison to other billion dollar industries that is quite impressive.

LIFE Leadership Business

Here is a fantastic video that answers several of the common questions asked about compensated communities. Network Marketing has been around for many years, but many still do not understand how and why people and companies are attracted to this business model.

LIFE Leadership has created the best paying compensated community in the profession and has helped thousands of people eliminate tens of thousands of dollars debt previously poured into the Financial Matrix hole. What is your plan to escape the Financial Matrix?



2. Article titled “Lies, Lies, Lies, and the Life Leadership Scam

Link here –>

The author of this article, Holger Spiewak, holds multiple advanced college degrees and is extremely analytical when it comes to researching and sharing facts. I hope you enjoy this article.

While we are on this subject of “pyramid”, how can LIFE Founder Tim Marks who is UNDERNEATH his sponsor, LIFE Founder Bill Lewis, in the structure of the LIFE Community, make significantly more money for 14 years in a row than Bill?? Guess who made more money when I was an engineer, me or my boss? Corporate America IS a pyramid. “LIFE is a pyramid”, just another popular lie.


3. Life Leadership Forums conversation titled “Life Leadership Pyramid Scheme? Seriously?”

Link here –>

This begins with a fantastic article by Orrin Woodward (based upon over 15 years of experience and success); followed up by real members who have done their research prior to joining Life Leadership. This may be my favorite link to share because of the variety of comments from people with first hand experience. Enjoy!


4. Article titled, “Is Life Leadership a Pyramid Scam?”

Link here –>

This article contains facts from the Federal Trade Commission that are important to know. Combined with the previous three links, this article should round out your perspective on the viability of the Life Leadership business.

My hope is that you will find these resources insightful and informative as you begin your journey towards living the life you have always wanted.


Orrin Woodward shares truth, becomes lightning rod to critics – Part 1

Before you believe any of the negative garbage posted online about Orrin Woodward, let me explain why he has become a lightning rod for critics. It is simply because he is trying to help people. Period. Any time a great person attempts to do something that could help millions of people, the same people can make the whole process messy. This is nothing new in history; in fact, this storyline goes back to the beginning of time.

 Critics are always in the shadows of great men

The old-testament classic comes to my mind immediately. God empowered Moses to lead the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt to freedom – land of milk and honey! Freedom! Prosperity! The pursuit of happiness! Then what happened along the way? People! They whined, they criticized and many blamed Moses for their struggles along the way. This is stunning to me because previously they were slaves! The critics of old sincerely felt that being a slave was better, because it was familiar. Or maybe some took pride in being a better slave than others. Maybe it was because the tasks of being a slave was inside their mental “comfort zone”. In spite of the critic’s voice – the motive of everything Moses said and did was to help people and be a mighty force for good in God’s keeping. It just illustrates that when a leader is inspired to do something great, critics will always be there – it does not mean that the great aspirations are wrong.

Do not take this the wrong way. I am not saying that Orrin is some type of modern-day Moses or somebody that should be deified. Not at all! I am simply saying that it is nothing new in the context of history to see a group of great men and women (like the PC of Life Leadership) pursue a great and noble task and encounter resistance and criticism from within the same group of people they are trying to help.

 Orrin Woodward and Life Leadership

I believe that to understand why Orrin Woodward and Life Leadership receive criticism we have to consider the human ego. Wikipedia defines “Ego” as “the relationship to self, your soul”. The thing you need to understand is that the human ego is very sensitive. Les Giblin, in his classic, How to Have Confidence and Power Dealing with People, quoted Edward Bok as saying this: “what the world calls ego and conceit is really a divine spark planted in man”. Les Giblin continues to write, “1. We are all egotists. 2. We are all more interested in ourselves than in anything else in the world. 3. Every person you meet wants to feel important, and to ‘amount to something’. 4. There is a craving in every human being for the approval of others, so that he can approve of himself.”

 EGO and the Criticism Process

Ego plays a big part in the criticism process, as it relates to Orrin Woodward and Life Leadership. Generally speaking, lets consider a group of 10 people who know each other well. Over time, 2 try to improve themselves through reading good books, listening to examples of success and associating with other people who encourage them to strive for excellence. Over time, the ‘2’ will show obvious internal and external improvement. The question is, what happens to the ‘8’ that did not take the same journey (in reference to ego)? The success of others creates a disparity that proves that the ‘8’ could have also experienced an elevated level of success, a greater feeling of importance and increased approval from others. From this point, a person can only respond 1 of 3 ways:

  1. The ‘8’ can ignore the ‘2’ and make excuses that the ‘2’ received a special deal that the ‘8’ didn’t receive. Lying to themselves and pretending that the success of the ‘2’ did not really happen will help to placate the ego.
  2. The ‘8’ can attack the ‘2’, saying things like “Oh, you think you are better than us?” Or attack the system of personal growth that the ‘2’ used, “that thing is a scam. They are just brainwashing you. That motivational crap doesn’t work for me!”
  3. The ‘8’ can allow the heightened success of the ‘2’ to inspire them to follow because they know that if the ‘2’ can do it, so can the ‘8’ because they used to be at the same place (mentally).

The ugly part of human nature is that if the ‘2’ ever have a setback in their success journey, some of the ‘8’ will take revenge for their bruised ego by attacking the ‘2’. Some will gossip, some will write scathing opinions online in hopes that it will help their ego feel better.

 The Cowardly Critic

The other source of online criticism is when a bruised ego has enough money to pay another person or PR firm to do their dirty work. This is absolutely cowardly! This person wants to make sure their attacks sound credible and newsworthy. The truth is that they are suffering from the same bruised ego.  If you are looking for truth, look to Godly men attempting great things and sacrificing for a worthy cause, not to the critic in his shadow.


The Gift of Criticism

In 1 Corinthians 12 we learn that spiritual gifts are given to all of God’s people. They are meant to be graces from God for the edification of the church and for the common good of mankind. Apparently, some people are under the impression that God forgot to tell us about another “gift”. This “gift” is one that many people are excited to use faithfully day and night. Some people are so proud of this gift that they spend decades mastering it and ignoring any other lesser gifts in their repertoire: The gift of criticism. I love the following story from Woodrow Kroll:

It was after a church service one morning in which the minister had preached on spiritual gifts that he was greeted at the door by a lady who said, “Pastor, I believe I have the gift of criticism.” The pastor looked at her and asked, “Remember the person in Jesus’ parable who had the one talent?” The woman nodded her understanding. “Do you recall what he did with it?” “Yes,” replied the lady, “he went out and buried it.” The pastor suggested, “Go, thou, and do likewise!”

Just to be clear, criticism is NOT a spiritual gift. Everybody can do it – you are not special in this regard. It takes maturity and discipline to harness the power of one’s tongue. Proverbs 18:21 (NIV) says, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”


Two types of criticism

There are two types of criticism, solicited and unsolicited. Unsolicited criticism typically comes from those who falsely think they have the spiritual gift of criticism. Sometimes, on very rare occasions, unsolicited criticism that comes from a loved one is necessary, albeit painful. Sometimes a “good ol’ fashioned butt-whooping” is warranted. However, more often it is the unsolicited criticism that not only falls on deaf ears, but damages relationships and drives wedges between people. On the other hand, solicited criticism is derived out of a desire to improve and remove “blind spots”.


The Value of Criticism

I love what Chris Brady has to say about criticism in his best-selling book, Rascal:

(Excerpt taken from his blog article, Rascalinity Test)

Certainly we don’t want to over-fixate on our problems. Doing so causes us to pull our focus away from the areas where we are naturally endowed, depletes our confidence, and drains our motivation. However, if the weaknesses are large enough, they can smother any chance the strengths have of moving us forward. In particular, if our weaknesses are weaknesses of character, they must be addressed immediately or the kind of success and significance for which a Rascal longs will never be realized. For some people, their weaknesses are so prevalent that they must be fixed in order to succeed any further. This is why it is helpful to have someone else take the test on your behalf. It might just point out some blind spots for which you are not aware. However, do this carefully, and only with people for whom you have the highest trust and respect. We should always invite “constructive” criticism carefully, as it is still criticism, and no matter how much of a Rascal we are, we can only handle so much of it.


Criticism of Orrin Woodward and the Life Leadership business

I have read all of the reviews, good and bad, of Orrin Woodward.  I want to set the record straight that what Orrin Woodward stands for is truth, justice and freedom. He is attacked because he is sharing absolute truth in a fallen world that likes to twist truth to satisfy bad behavior. Period!

Is Orrin Woodward a scam artist like some of his critics claim?

The answer is a resounding NO. The best proofs are in the area of personal finance and the Financial Matrix.  There are so many cases that have followed the Financial Fitness program and have wiped out multiple 5-figures of debt. There are testimonials plastered all over the Life Leadership Forums and YouTube videos that speak about how much the materials and success principles have made a positive impact that is impossible to put a monetary value on.

Is the Life Leadership a pyramid scam?

Again, the answer is NO. It is neither a pyramid nor a scam. It is the fairest (and the most lucrative) way to compensate people for building a compensated community. This community that encourages one another to read, listen and associate with success-oriented people so that all grow in the three necessary areas: Body, mind, and soul.

The only problem Orrin Woodward and the Life Leadership have is that, so far, they have been incapable of building a system good enough to overcome stupidity! Like it or not, this is the truth!



Orrin Woodward critics? Wikipedia calls your criticism lousy!

Before you put any stock in what a critic has to say, check their qualifications!  Doing your research on Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the Life Leadership business? Beware! All of the critics are completely unqualified (and many are emotionally unfit) to give their opinion!  I have yet to read an online opinion of Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the Life Leadership business that holds any credibility. To understand why this is, we must research the history of concept of criticism.

As it relates to Orrin Woodward, the Wikipedia definition of a “critic”

The word critic comes from Greek κριτικός (kritikós), meaning “able to discern”,[1] which is a Greek derivation of the word κριτής (krités), meaning a person who offers reasoned judgment or analysis, value judgment, interpretation or observation.[2]


Based upon this definition, every person (in my opinion) that has a negative word to write about Orrin Woodward and the Life Leadership business has not established themselves as a qualified source that is “able to discern”.  Even bloggers who have been involved in past business models with Orrin Woodward, but have quit, are not experts and their “time on the water” does not give them license to criticize; conversely, they are examples of bitter people who illustrate what not to do.  They teach us that the recipe for failure is to give up half way, don’t learn from your mistakes and blame others for your lack of success.

So who would qualify as a valid critic? The experts that earn 7-figures in the industry of community building (not network marketing, there is a difference) would qualify as a critic.  My guess is that all of these experts would applaud Orrin Woodward!   What about Life Leadership’s keystone product, The Financial Fitness Pack? Again, only people who are free from the Financial Matrix and teach on debt-free financial intelligence would qualify, in my opinion.  Once again, my guess is they would cheer and promote his material.

Let’s dig deeper into the roots of criticism:


As it relates to Orrin Woodward, Wikipedia article on “criticism”

(Emphasis added)

Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something (or somebody) in an intelligible (or articulate) way.

The judger is called “the critic”.

To engage in criticism is “to criticise”/”criticize”.[1]

One specific item of criticism is called “a criticism” or a “critique”.

Criticism as an evaluative or corrective exercise can occur in any area of human life. Criticism can therefore take many different forms (see below). How exactly people go about criticizing, can vary a great deal. In specific areas of human endeavour, the form of criticism can be highly specialized and technical; it often requires professional knowledge to understand the criticism.

To be critical meant, positively, to have good, informed judgement about matters of culture (to be cultivated, to be a man or woman of distinction), but negatively it could also refer to the (unreasonable) rejection or (unfair) treatment of some outside group (“to be critical of them”). Derivatively, “a criticism” also referred to a nice point or a distinction, a tiny detail, a pedantic nicety, a subtlety, or a quibble (the sense of what today is called a “minor criticism”). Often criticism was governed by very strict cultural rules of politeness, propriety and decency, and there could be immediate penalties if the wrong words were said or written down.


So for centuries, it was widely known that a critic must also be an expert on the field in which they are offering criticism. Furthermore, they were ladies and gentlemen of class that were governed by rules of politeness, propriety and decency.   These two statements disqualify just about everybody that I have read online that has offered their negative opinions about Orrin, Chris and the Life business. To me, the negative bloggers are worse than the kids that spray graffiti on the sides of buildings and trains (the reason I say worse is that at least some of the graffiti has creative/artistic flair!) The few that have at least attempted class and impartiality have only rendered their opinions in the form of unsubstantiated gossip and tale bearing.


Wikipedia further describes most of the “criticism” of our generation as “lousy” and “unhelpful”:

The main effect of lousy criticism is usually that, rather than clarifying things, it becomes disorienting or confusing to people. Therefore, lousy criticism is usually regarded as unhelpful, or as an unwanted distraction getting in the way of things.

What this means is that reading negative articles from unqualified sources is disorienting and unhelpful at best.  At worst, it could cloud your decision-making process and cause you to miss out on a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The critics cannot deny the Financial Matrix

If you have not read Orrin Woodward’s new book, The Financial Matrix, you have no idea what the Life Leadership business is about. Period. Compared to the investment (through investing in this information and an ongoing subscription), the returns are staggering based upon the countless number of testimonials.  People that have followed the principles are wiping out debt at a fantastic rate. Some have even reduced their debt by $20,000 (thereby reducing all of the negative income in interest required to service that debt). The ratio of negative debt erased to the cost of the Life Business system and Financial Fitness Pack is one of the best value propositions in the world today!

There is no system good enough to overcome stupidity.

As Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. And today we seem to be surrounded by a world of financially stupid people (and a media designed to keep us trapped in the matrix). So I will continue to ‘charge hell with a squirt gun’ by writing my rebuttal articles to set the record straight. If you are new to this blog, here are a few back links to get you caught up:

Life Leadership: It’s history

Life Leadership scam

Climb to the Top

The truth about Orrin Woodward

You can’t watch the fist clip without watching the second–


Life Leadership review

Life Leadership business: Will it work?

Doing your research on the Life Leadership business? You came to the right place!

The purpose of this blog is to set the record straight, so that you can make a quality decision about becoming a member of Life Leadership. You see, when a person is new to this concept and to the entrepreneurial field, there are only two questions: 1. Will this work? 2. Will this work for me?

 1. Will this work?

The first thing you have to determine is your definition of “working”. This is different for every person. The definitions range from financial gain, learning how to get out of debt, improving leadership skills, enhancing interpersonal skills, marketplace ministry and many more.

The next step is to attend multiple live events so that you can see the growth for yourself. It is OK to be a little skeptical (skeptical is right in between gullible and cynical). Make sure you talk to people that are succeeding and feel free to ask a lot of questions. As the old saying goes, “if you want to become a doctor, don’t talk to the guy who quit or flunked out”.

Let’s be very clear on what the leaders of Life Leadership offer: AN OPPORTUNITY AND A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD. Period. Like the game of golf, it will be simple yet challenging. To really succeed, this will require you to improve yourself continuously. This is where the critics of Life Leadership always miss the point. The critic is wrong in two ways: 1. They started out assuming that success will be guaranteed. 2. They falsely assumed that they would really not have to improve and become better. They assumed that they are already proficient enough to deserve success. Then when things don’t work out in their timing they can either get better or bitter. When they take the bitter path, they must blame somebody else (they are the victim and there is no way it could have been their fault!)

This is where I would like to, in general, address the few negative websites to toughen you up. Here are a few bullet points to help you discern solid facts from twisted opinion.

  • The people that lead Life Leadership are not perfect, but they strive to get better every year. Anybody that criticizes Life Leadership or any of its leaders or members should preface all of their articles with the following: “I hold all other people to a higher standard than I hold myself, therefore the people that started Life Leadership should have made every business endeavor (past and present) perfect for me, the center of the universe. They should have been able to guarantee success and make this business model perfect from the start! They should have predicted every challenge and formulated a perfect solution before they even launched. They should also have known that I was a whiner and future quitter who would blame everybody but myself for my lack of success if the business model was not perfect.   What a rip-off! What a scam! You are all liars because my past experience in the business did not live up to my expectations!! Waaaaahhhh!”
  • Notice that almost all of the complaints are backdated to a previous business model and typically attack a person, not the Life Leadership business! I have even read some recent complaints that date back to 2001 – that is 14 years ago! Even “recent” complaints are about events that happened around 2008-2009 – That is still 6 years ago!
  • Negative comments are extremely sparse and concentrated to a few cases. With the tens of thousands of customers and members involved in Life Leadership, it is logical to assume that if there were a problem, the criticism would be widespread!
  • The majority of complaints are because of a gap between expectation and results. For each negative story that attempts to pass blame to Orrin Woodward or somebody in business with him, there are countless success stories (see Life Leadership forums) that showcase a person with similar circumstances that had a positive outcome.
  • There are a lot of critics that are actually paid to do so. Negative PR campaigns have been around for ages and the internet has made this process easier than ever. Do not be fooled. The critic will not get in their car and drive to your house to help you with an alternative solution – there are leaders in Life Leadership who will.
  • Before you believe any of the critics, make sure you read the entire condensed history (linked here) of where Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady and the rest of the leaders have come from. Then ask yourself why are they still together today after almost 20 years of adventures? Against this backdrop, all criticisms and attacks become exposed as petty and ridiculous.


  1. Will this work for me?

Once you get the “will this work” sorted out, the “will this work for me” is a more personal question. The answer to this question depends on a more personal introspection:

  • Are you hungry for success?
  • Are you “hone-able” or teachable?
  • Are you honorable and can you work on your character and strive to get better every day?

If the answers are ‘yes’, then get back with the person that introduced you to Life Leadership and get started. I would also recommend the book, “The Leadership Train” by Orrin Woodward. This is the best book to help illuminate your path into the business side of Life Leadership.

Enjoy the journey!

Orrin Woodward scam – the truth revealed!

Orrin Woodward and the LIFE Leadership business

A force for good in this cynical world

In spite of the positive difference that the Life Leadership business is making in people’s lives around the world, the “anonymous” bloggers still love to vomit their cynicism online. If you are here doing your research, allow me to pose some questions that should make you think twice before taking their bitter pill and believing the negative blogger’s claims.

Life Leadership and the measuring stick of popular opinion:

Life Leadership regularly packs out multiple stadiums in North America full of supporters, showcasing wonderful testimonies of changed lives and compelling success stories. Contrary to what the venomous bloggers write, the leaders of Life Leadership do not guarantee results, only a fantastic opportunity and a level playing field. If the critics are right, then why are there tens of thousands of supporters around the world that vote otherwise with their dollars and attendence? And, in contrast, why are there only a couple of negative websites? Hmmm. The fact is that, in the court of popular opinion, customers and business owners using the Life Leadership products are extremely satisfied. Furthermore, attendance at live events also implies that Life Leadership members are also very happy at all success levels.   So, wouldn’t it make sense that if the critic’s claims are true, there would be thousands of people crying foul? There are not. Instead, Life Leadership continues to grow their customer base as well as their field compensation every month.

Unveiling the scam behind the alleged Life Leadership scam:

Every large business and every long lasting networking company has online critics. The bigger they are, the more they are criticized and attacked. Here is my point: Who benefits from writing and supporting a negative website/blog? There is ALWAYS a motive. Nobody writes this stuff, good or bad, without a motive. Here are a couple of examples of different motives to consider:

  1. A disgruntled ex-distributor could write negative comments about their old business on social media to gain distributors for a new business. This same person could even use their comments to gain sympathy for a favorable ruling in a court case against that same business.
  2. A naturally cynical writer receives large “anonymous” financial gifts to dig up dirt and twist facts to make another person or business look bad. All they would need is that “1-in-100,000 insider” with a bone to pick and they have their story! The motive for the financier of the blog is to eliminate competition for his or her own business. The motive for the blog writer is financial gain with the added bonus of satisfying their need to poison the world with their cynicism.
  3. A company executive pulls some political strings with a large magazine to have an article written that disparages another company in which they are trying to win a lawsuit against.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. What is Orrin Woodward’s motive? In exchange for providing a world-class environment for personal and professional growth, he receives a profit (and the satisfaction of making a positive difference in people’s lives). Then he shares the majority of these profits with Life Leadership members who help build customer sales and the member network. Ask yourself, what is the negative bloggers motive and what are the motives of those who financially support the negative bloggers? Think about it…

#setthe record straight