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Warning – The truth about Orrin Woodward may shock you!

If you are doing your research on Orrin Woodward and his business model, Life Leadership, you have landed on the right page. This article will explore Orrin Woodward, his character, his vision and the history of his business dealings the best way I know how – from multiple, first-hand testimonials. Like the old saying goes, “you can tell a lot about a person by the company that he keeps”. Therefore, I will only include quotes and commentary from people who have known Orrin Woodward for at least 14 years or longer. So let’s read what we can from the “company that Orrin keeps”:


Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis has known Orrin for almost 15 years. His article concerning Orrin’s character and integrity is one of the best out there. I also appreciate his perspective because he is extremely logical and easy to understand where he is coming from. Check out this excerpt (you can link to the full article here):


An important beginning step is to define character because some people definitely have a skewed view of what that means. Character has two parts: 1) the avoidance of doing something wrong (If a person is doing something that is wrong, then by default, he can’t be doing what is right), and 2) taking action to do what is right. Orrin has been in business for nearly twenty years, and his businesses are based on developing relationships with people. He tells people exactly what is going to happen when they decide to join his businesses. Logically, if he wasn’t telling the truth, wouldn’t the tens of thousands of people who are following him figure that out and stop following him? The fact of the matter is those people continue to follow him because his actions line up with his words. There are some that have chosen not to associate anymore, and that is to be expected when building a volunteer business. However, if Orrin was a liar, wouldn’t the masses and certainly those closest to him figure that out and stop associating? Some might be thinking right now, “But that’s because the people closest to him get a special deal.” That is a great lead into the business side of all this.

The Man

The shocking part about Orrin Woodward, the man, is that he is not only driven to succeed, but he also desires to do so in the right way, based on principles. Indeed, if something is not based on principles, then Orrin refuses to function in that environment. He is more driven to improve himself daily because he understands the principle of The Law of the Lid: An organization grows to the level of its leader; therefore, Orrin continually attacks his own thinking in an effort to learn and grow. With all of that said, he is human and, therefore, has made mistakes. But his willingness to admit those mistakes and to do what he can to fix them is extremely impressive. In a world where people perpetually blame others, Orrin, instead, accepts responsibility and focuses on improving. It’s hard to not like someone like that. His humility and his faith also separate him from the crowd. In most organizations, the person that created it makes himself the supreme being of that company. Orrin, on the other hand, usually takes a back seat in order to let others lead and receive the glory. His goal is to surround himself with the best leaders, which takes a person who understands where he comes from and possesses a humble spirit that enables him to realize that one person doesn’t have all the answers. On a personal level, Orrin has developed a successful marriage with his wife Laurie and raised four wonderful kids.

Tim Marks

Tim Marks has worked almost exclusively with Orrin Woodard for almost 15 years now. I appreciate Tim because he is a no-nonsense seeker of absolute truth. From what I can tell, the longer he works with Orrin, the more his respect for Orrin grows. Check out this excerpt from an article written a few years ago (you can link to the full article here):

Thanks to the leadership wisdom and personal mentoring from the Woodward’s, Amy and I have been job-optional, living a dream lifestyle since 2002. So, in the spirit of balancing silly nonsense with the facts, let’s do a quick refresher on just a few of Orrin’s impressive list of accomplishments.

Orrin Woodward’ accomplishments include:

Orrin Woodward is the co-author of the New York Times, BusinessWeek, and USA Today best-selling book, Launching a Leadership Revolution

He is an honored alumni of the esteemed Kettering University for his incredible entrepreneurial achievements

He was ranked #6 in 2011 on the Top-30 Leadership Guru list, alongside other world-class authors and thought leaders such as Stephen Covey and John Maxwell

He was ranked #20 on the Inc. Magazine Top 50 Leadership and Management Experts, alongside John Maxwell, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard!

There have been thousands of books published by the leaders in other networks, but how many have made the NY Time best-seller list? Less than can be counted on one hand!

So, the tomato-throwers can’t knock the fact Orrin is a best-selling author, and they can’t knock the fact he is ranked as a top leadership guru in several different lists.

 Holger Spiewak

Holger Spiewak has also known Orrin Woodward for almost 15 years. Like Bill Lewis, he is highly logical and writes with an almost scientific perspective. From what I can tell about Holger, if there were a problem, he would be one of the first to be a whistleblower. Check out this excerpt (you can link to the full article here):

14 years ago I met Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady through my friend Bill Lewis.  Ever since I met them their example has inspired me to do what is RIGHT.  Now, I am not claiming that Orrin and Chris are perfect, however, in my 46 years in this world I have met thousands of people from all walks of life and Orrin and Chris’ character and integrity has been second to none.  Being around these gentlemen in many situation, both in public and in private, their willingness to do what is right, even if it costs them, has been AMAZING, for lack of a better word.  On November 11, 2011, Orrin and Chris (together with Rob Hallstrand, Bill Lewis, Tim Marks, George Guzzardo, Claude Hamilton, and Dan Hawkins) founded and launched the LIFE Leadership company.  This happened after almost 2 decades of Orrin and Chris working on developing the BEST business concept the world has ever seen.  The continuous improvement is still ongoing.  Orrin is a genius and I truly believe that he is going to be the next Sam Walton.  Chris Brady recently announced that, after Orrin approached him with this idea, he would step back from his responsibilities of working in the field of LIFE Leadership to find and develop leaders of compensated communities, and become the CEO of LIFE Leadership.  Wow, here is a man true to his calling and I believe when the history books are written, Chris will be the Steve Jobs of LIFE Leadership.  Call me crazy but we will talk again in 50 years.


These are just a few examples. I know that there are thousands more people who have known Orrin Woodward for many years; and they would happily line up to give testimony to the difference that the Woodward’s have made in their life – personally and professionally. They are the real deal. This is why the article came with a warning – because it is shocking to find a real leader worth following in this day and age. So I am excited that you are doing your due diligence. The next step is to go meet some of the leaders at a live seminar near you. You won’t be disappointed!