Thanks for visiting! This site is here to tell the truth about LIFE Leadership, TEAM, lifeleadership.com, MonaVie, Amway, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, and the other leaders of these organizations. It’s intended for those who have an open mind, not those whose minds are already made up and are just looking to reinforce or validate their position.

Who I am: I have been around these companies and leaders for over a decade. I am not your typical blogger or researcher with theoretical knowledge and no experience building the business model that you are researching. I have witnessed every transition period of this organization. I was in Team, Life, MonaVie and Lifeleadership.com I am simply a person that wants to set the record straight about much of the twisting and mis-information that is written online and on social media networks.

Who I am not:. I do not work at the Life Leadership office. I am not one of the top income earners trying to protect my income. I was not secretly hired by some PR firm. My commentary is not endorsed or financially supported in any way by Life Leadership or any other affiliated groups.

I choose to remain anonymous, not to hide from dissenting opinions — you’re welcome to post them here, and we’ll have a discussion — but because I don’t want to subject myself or my family to the kind of things I’ve seen some people go through. They didn’t sign on for this.


  1. Gabby

    Thanks for taking the time to make this blog! You share a lot of great perspectives that will help someone checking out the business for the first time.

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