Life Leadership scam: Let the dogs bark…

Let the dogs bark, the caravan is moving on! Life Leadership is continuously improving and getting closer to its goal of helping millions of people worldwide learn solid principles for success.

Life Leadership is not a scam..

On the contrary, it is a constantly improving educational system. I almost think that Orrin Woodward and the folks that sit on Life Leadership’s policy council are masters in the martial art of Aikido. Wikipedia describes Aikido as “techniques consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent’s attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique.”

 Life Leadership gets better, not bitter

For example, when a critic or negative blogger identifies a legitimate flaw, the leaders of Life Leadership don’t get bitter, they get better. They choose to constantly attack their own status quo and find ways to make the product or the organization better. They will say to themselves, “this is a valid argument and an area we can get better at”, then they implement a PDCA or plan of action to improve. Meanwhile, the critic or negative blogger is the ultimate loser from the interaction because their attitude causes them to stay bitter and dormant.

 The dog will always bark

If a critic or negative blogger does not have a valid argument, they are like the dogs that bark as the caravan loads up and moves on. These dogs should simply be ignored. Then, over time, their barks become distant ‘yelps’ in the background. I bet, if you stick around the dog to see what happens next, you will find it barking at another caravan that is trying to improve and move on. Maybe, once in a while, somebody feels sorry and pets the dog or throws it a bone, but when that person tries to move on, the dog will still bark (in spite of the kind gesture towards the dog).

 Life Leadership and the Financial Matrix

Life Leadership will continue to grow because it seeks to identify real problems and offer real, world-class solutions. Check out the Financial Matrix, for example. This is a real problem that is undeniable, and Life Leadership has packaged a solid solution: The Financial Fitness Pack. The people that have contacted you about becoming either a customer or member of Life Leadership are sincere and legitimate. This is a solid organization heading towards a bright future. I encourage you to hop on board the caravan and don’t worry about the barking dog – that’s what they are supposed to do…


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