Understanding the Raquel Peters vs. Blomdahl / Woodward lawsuit

Part 3: A funny video to help summarize the arguments in the Peters vs. Woodward et al. case

If you are new to this blog or doing further research on this case, you can find my previous blog details on the lawsuits involving Mark & Raquel Peters vs. Eric Blomdahl, Orrin Woodward, and other LIFE business leaders here:

 Setting the Record Straight – Part 1

Setting the Record Straight – Part 2

Over time, the details of the conflict and disagreement between these two parties may get blurred. During the upcoming litigation, well-trained lawyers will do their best to argue each side. So to keep things simple, I would like to share a video that I came across today. It is SO FUNNY in the way that it parallels some of the victim attitudes that you will read about if you do any fact-finding at all. It is also a sad example of how people can hold onto this victim attitude to ruin their own happiness – and at the same time blaming someone else for their poor circumstances. Enjoy!





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