“The-Life-Business” and The Ripoff Report

If you are looking for information on The Life Business and Orrin Woodward, The Ripoff Report is the wrong place to get facts! Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that this website started with the best of intentions: to alert CONSUMERS to businesses that are not selling the quality of products they claim to sell and businesses that do not provide the services that they claim to provide.  I am all about protecting the consumer – that is why I am writing this blog!

So here are the problems with the Ripoff Report thread: “The-Life-Business” A pyramid scheme led by two dangerous men named Orrin Woodward & Chris Brady.

  1. The complaints have nothing to do with the actual products that Life Leadership sells to its customers! I have scanned this report several times and I cannot find anything that addresses the goal of the Ripoff report –to alert CUSTOMERS to PRODUCTS/SERVICES that are “not as advertised”! The claims are false.
  2. If there were any product complaints, Life Leadership gives a 30-day money back guarantee – No questions asked! I don’t think this could be any clearer.
  3. The main claims and comments in this ridiculous article talk about the membership or Business membership side of Life Leadership. Frankly, there are only a couple of  misguided people who have chosen to use the Ripoff Report website to vomit their bane about how they were promised long-term business success. They continue to blame and criticize Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward for not making their experience “all roses”. This is sad and laughable – and here is why: The business side of Life Leadership guarantees a fair OPPORTUNITY! NOT RESULTS. Life Leadership promotes A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD WHERE YOU CAN OUT-EARN ANYBODY BASED ON PERFORMANCE. It is not guaranteed results based on renewing! Cmon, its called free-enterprise and free-market economics, not ‘freeby’ market economics!
  4. Furthermore, as a comparison example, could you imaging buying into a franchise, having success for your first 5 years, then in years 6-8 you and your fellow franchise owners fell on hard times? Then suing the company that you purchased the franchise from because you think they should guarantee your success and income?! HA! A good judge would throw you out and fine you for wasting the court’s time! Now, a membership in Life Leadership is not the same as a buying a franchise, but the principle holds true. This Ripoff Report article is baseless and is simply an abuse by a few disgruntled people that want the real world to work differently.

In conclusion, if you want a aggressive and completely fair compensation plan, Join and build LIFE leadership. If you want a way to EARN your way into the top with no limits and to contribute your genius to a fantastic industry, Join and build LIFE leadership. If you want a way to pass the positional managers and credentialists in corporate world, join and build LIFE leadership.


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