Orrin Woodward scam – the truth revealed!

Orrin Woodward and the LIFE Leadership business

A force for good in this cynical world

In spite of the positive difference that the Life Leadership business is making in people’s lives around the world, the “anonymous” bloggers still love to vomit their cynicism online. If you are here doing your research, allow me to pose some questions that should make you think twice before taking their bitter pill and believing the negative blogger’s claims.

Life Leadership and the measuring stick of popular opinion:

Life Leadership regularly packs out multiple stadiums in North America full of supporters, showcasing wonderful testimonies of changed lives and compelling success stories. Contrary to what the venomous bloggers write, the leaders of Life Leadership do not guarantee results, only a fantastic opportunity and a level playing field. If the critics are right, then why are there tens of thousands of supporters around the world that vote otherwise with their dollars and attendence? And, in contrast, why are there only a couple of negative websites? Hmmm. The fact is that, in the court of popular opinion, customers and business owners using the Life Leadership products are extremely satisfied. Furthermore, attendance at live events also implies that Life Leadership members are also very happy at all success levels.   So, wouldn’t it make sense that if the critic’s claims are true, there would be thousands of people crying foul? There are not. Instead, Life Leadership continues to grow their customer base as well as their field compensation every month.

Unveiling the scam behind the alleged Life Leadership scam:

Every large business and every long lasting networking company has online critics. The bigger they are, the more they are criticized and attacked. Here is my point: Who benefits from writing and supporting a negative website/blog? There is ALWAYS a motive. Nobody writes this stuff, good or bad, without a motive. Here are a couple of examples of different motives to consider:

  1. A disgruntled ex-distributor could write negative comments about their old business on social media to gain distributors for a new business. This same person could even use their comments to gain sympathy for a favorable ruling in a court case against that same business.
  2. A naturally cynical writer receives large “anonymous” financial gifts to dig up dirt and twist facts to make another person or business look bad. All they would need is that “1-in-100,000 insider” with a bone to pick and they have their story! The motive for the financier of the blog is to eliminate competition for his or her own business. The motive for the blog writer is financial gain with the added bonus of satisfying their need to poison the world with their cynicism.
  3. A company executive pulls some political strings with a large magazine to have an article written that disparages another company in which they are trying to win a lawsuit against.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. What is Orrin Woodward’s motive? In exchange for providing a world-class environment for personal and professional growth, he receives a profit (and the satisfaction of making a positive difference in people’s lives). Then he shares the majority of these profits with Life Leadership members who help build customer sales and the member network. Ask yourself, what is the negative bloggers motive and what are the motives of those who financially support the negative bloggers? Think about it…

#setthe record straight

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